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When you’re packing for a trip, it can be easy to toss the wrong thing into the wrong bag or forget certain stuff entirely. However, the main mistake you want to avoid, if you don’t want to get held up at airport security, is putting non-approved items in your carry-on. If you want your travel times to go smoothly, here’s what to pack in that carry on and what not to.  

What To Pack in Your Carry-On

Money and Passports

For safety reasons, you should always have some cash, your passport, and other forms of ID on your person when traveling.  Plus, you don’t need anyone from TSA or otherwise to be going through your checked bag and potentially swipe your passport or spending money.


Whether it’s medicine for allergies or high blood pressure, always keep your medications on you when you fly. There’s no telling when you’ll need them, and if you do, you won’t want them packed away in your checked bag.

A Change of Clothes

It’s no secret that airlines aren’t always the most responsible with your luggage, so it’s wise to pack a change of clothes or two in your carry-on bag in case your luggage gets lost. This way, you’ll at least have clothes to change into after your flight.


Electronics and other fragile items should always be placed in your carry-on so you don’t run the risk of getting them damaged in your larger checked bag. However make sure to check your airline’s rules about what kind of electronics you can have in your carry-on.

What Not To Pack in Your Carry-On

Large Liquids

If you’re trying to travel with any large liquids, you will get stopped at airport security. Make sure all your liquids are in TSA-approved 3.4 oz containers.

Sharp Objects

Items such as knives, corkscrews, and large scissors are not allowed in your carry-on. All of those items will have to be checked.

Self-Defense Items

If you carry pepper spray or mace with you, you’ll have to make sure it is an in a TSA-approved sized container in your checked bag. However, since these items can be considered weapons, it’s best to check your airport’s rules about traveling with them.


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