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We’ve all been there — we leave the house a little later than planned and get nervous we’re going to miss our flight because of how long it takes to get through the airport. It’s not the best feeling.

If you want to avoid that nerve-wracking feeling, take a few measures to help get yourself through the airport faster.

Sign Up for Pre-Check

One of the most time-consuming parts of getting through the airport is going through security. Instead of waiting on the long lines, sign up for the TSA Pre-Check Program. Once you’re a vetted member of the program, you can skip the security lines and won’t have to take off your shoes or take your laptop out of its bag.

Check In Online

Rather than head to the check-in gate at the airport to get your ticket, download your airline’s app and check in online. This way, you’ll have a mobile boarding pass and get to head straight to security.

Pack Light

We are all guilty of over-packing at times, but if you’re only going on a weekend trip, just pack a carry-on. You can save even more time at check-in if you don’t have to worry about checking a bag.

Wear Easy-to-Remove Clothing

If you aren’t a pre-check member, try not to wear clothing that takes a while to remove — such as lace-up boots. Not only will you spend a while getting the boots off before you go through security, but you’ll have to waste even more time lacing them back up afterward.

Keep Your Travel Documents Close

Whether they’re in your purse or a small carry-on, keep your ticket/boarding pass, ID/passport, and any other necessary travel documents easily on-hand, so you don’t have to stop and either dig in your bag to find them or worry you might have dropped them.


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