How To Prepare For Your First Trip Away From The Kids

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It’s hard to find a minute to breath let alone take a trip away from your kids. But every mother, father, grandparent, and caregiver deserves some relaxation time. Finding someone you know and trust to watch your kids is step number one. Below are a few other things to add to your list of to-dos.

couple holding hands on vacation

Give yourself time to talk to them before your trip

Start talking about your trip a few months before you leave (and consistently mention it) so they don’t forget! Talk about where you’ll be going, what you’ll be doing, and how excited you are for it — then your kids will be excited, too.

Try to include your kids too and have them help you think of places to go while you’re away.

Prepare and write notes

Prepare your caregiver as much as possible. Write down your children’s schedules, any playdates, and sports so their life remains as normal as possible. Make sure they have the same snacks, food, and television rules also.

Stay in touch as much as you can

We’re sure you already will, but step up your phone calls a notch by sending a text of pictures to the babysitter to show your kids. Or even try FaceTiming with them! They’ll love to see the adventures you go on.

Your first trip away is hard, but it’s worth it (and don’t forget you deserve it!). If you’re looking for a place to go, come visit Pacific Grove, CA and stay at the Butterfly Grove Inn! We’ve got it all — cozy rooms, unbeatable location, and a warm and friendly staff. To make a reservation, give us a call at 831-250-8191.

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August 2018 Events in Monterey County

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It’s the beginning of the month, so you know what that means, it’s time to mark our calendars of new events going on around Monterey. There’s plenty of food, wine, and fun to be had, so share this with a friend and start planning.

august events in monterey county

Here’s a roundup of the end-of-the-summer local events you won’t want to miss.

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Salinas Valley Food & Wine – August 11, 2018

OldTown Salinas is serving up some of the best food and wine for the month of August. There will be award-winning wines, craft brews, live entertainment, and food from “The Salad Bowl of the World.” Get your tickets, here.

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Monterey BaconFest – August 11-12, 2018

Yes, you read that right. A day solely contributed to all-things bacon…doesn’t get much better than that! This weekend event also includes live music and a “Best of Bacon” competition, so get your stomachs ready.

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Sand City West End Celebration – August 17-19, 2018

The streets of Sand City close down and the town turns into an art fair. The Sand City West End Celebration showcases unique works of art from talented locals throughout Monterey County. Gotta love events that support the local community!

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Monterey Car Week – August 18-26, 2018

Start your engines because one of Monterey County’s most anticipated weeks is almost here — Monterey Car Week! Get ready for a week filled with good food, fun, and four wheels (or less).

If you went to one of these fun events, let us know! We would love to hear your feedback. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, or visit our website to learn more about Butterfly Grove Inn.

The Best Summer Reads For 2018

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Swimsuit? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Now it’s time to figure out which one of Monterey County’s beaches you’ll be lounging at, and which book you’re going to carry in tow (are you looking to get lost in a mystery novel, a rom-com, or a memoir?). Here are our top four favorite beach reads this summer.

summer books 2018

All books can be found on Amazon.

Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup

This story will real you in right away. You’ll get the inside scoop of the rise and shocking demise of Theranos, a multibillion-dollar biotech startup. Founder and CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, was seen as the next Steve Jobs, but her company had a major problem — their technology didn’t work.

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

If you’re searching for the key to changing your life, this book will help you realize where to start. We can transform our lives at any age, no matter our negative habits.


The title of this book might make you assume it’s about the modern-day dating trend called “ghosting,” but this story has so many twists and turns you didn’t see coming. Sure, the main character, Eddie, doesn’t call Sarah back, but it’s not for the reason you’re thinking.

The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale is a popular show streaming online, but the storyline came from this novel and it’s a MUST read. It’s funny, unexpected, scary, and all around captivating.Did you read any of these books?

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Fun Things To Do in Monterey County When it Rains

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Don’t let the rain ruin your day in Monterey. There’s plenty of fun, indoor activities around town that, in our opinion, is way better than staying in and watching Netflix for hours.

activities in monterey when it rains

Fun Things To Do in The Area When it Rains

1. Learn something new

Check out the Monterey Bay Aquarium to learn all about the marine life in Monterey Bay. There are over 35,000 creatures, so you are bound to find something new to learn about.

If you’re more into museum hopping, you can visit the Monterey Museum of Art, the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, or the National Steinbeck Museum in Salinas.

2. Go to a winery

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be outside at the multiple tasting rooms we have in Carmel-by-the-Sea. All of the tasting rooms are within a one-mile radius, so the rainy hours will fly by with all of the wine to try.

3. Check out the views from inside

There are plenty of places to see the beautiful Pacific Ocean without going outside. The Hyatt Carmel Highlands has a lounge with amazing views of Point Lobos and the Big Sur coast (plus a fireplace, art, and comfy seating!). There are also panoramic window views at A Taste of Monterey and anywhere else along Cannery Row.

4. Find your inner zen

When it rains, it’s almost too easy not to relax. And what better way to chill out than by getting a spa treatment? There’s the Monterey Plaza Hotel’s Vista Blue Spa, Spa Aiyana, or the Spa at Pebble Beach.

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Pet-Friendly Spots in Monterey County

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You don’t have to worry about finding things to do with your pet in Monterey County. There are plenty of beaches, restaurants, and parks for you to choose from — and we’re here to help!

dogs on a beach in monterey

Pet-Friendly Spots in Monterey County


To start, we think everyone should head over to Marina and stop at the Sanctuary Beach Resort. You get a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean with plenty of recreational activities available around you.

Then there’s Monterey State Beach which begins next to Fisherman’s Wharf and runs all the way to Seaside — perfect for you and your dog to take a stroll or have a catch.

If you’re near Big Sur, Garrapata State Beach is a wonderful spot for leashed dogs to enjoy some vitamin-sea. But, if you want to take your dog off-leash, Carmel Beach is where you should be!


There are so many pet-friendly restaurants in Monterey County, it’s hard to keep count! In Carmel-by-the-Sea, there’s Anton & Michel, a newly-renovated restaurant that the locals love.

In Monterey, there’s Cafe Fina, Crown and Anchor, and Domenico’s on The Wharf — all on the top of our list of favorites.


Unleash your four-legged friend at the El Estero Park where all pups get a chance to socialize with one another and meet new friends. But if you’re looking for more of a workout for both of you, the Veteran’s Memorial Park has a steep incline that’s sure to work up a sweat.

If you want more of a relaxing day, Head to Locke-Paddon Wetland Community Park where you can enjoy a relaxing stroll along a nature trail.

Read more: Pet-Friendly Hotels in Monterey County

Butterfly Grove Inn is a dog-and-cat-friendly hotel! To learn more about our policy, please feel free to check out our website or call us at (831) 250-8191.

The History of Pacific Grove

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We love Pacific Grove, California so much. It’s our oasis and many tourists home away from home.

pacific grove sunset

And we just so happen to be located on the very first road in Pacific Grove — Lighthouse Avenue. So with one of the most historical events happening this month (Feast of Lanterns), we wanted to take a trip down “Lighthouse Avenue.”

The Beginning of Pacific Grove

Pacific Grove was already a bustling seaport in the mid-nineteenth century. But in 1855, Point Pinos Lighthouse was constructed, signaling the start of Pacific Grove as a community (not just a seaport). It still wasn’t until 1889, after the Southern Pacific Railway added Pacific Grove on its “Road of a Thousand Wonder’s” route, that Pacific Grove began to flourish.

The town of Pacific Grove was formally incorporated that year and many of the streets here are named during this time period.

A Place for The Arts

The last decade of the 1800’s when the Monterey Peninsula became a haven for artists. Prominent artists who called Pacific Grove specifically home include English painter William Adam, German artist Eugen Neuhaus, as well as our most famous American author John Steinbeck.

Pacific Grove Today

Despite our small size, Pacific Grove maintains a number of traditions to withhold the seaside’s history. Our annual Feast of Lanterns is one of the most memorable and unique. This faux Chinese festival dates back to the early nineteenth century. It’s a week-long festival hosted in downtown Pacific Grove’s Chautauqua Hall and leads up to fireworks and a pageant held on Lover’s Point Beach on the final night.

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Scenic Day Trips in Monterey County

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There are plenty of hidden gems in Northern California. In fact, Carmel, in Monterey County, doesn’t even have numbered street addresses, so GPS can’t locate any specific location — basically encouraging a day filled with wandering.

Here are our top places to go to for a scenic day trip…

1. Carmel Beach

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Carmel Bay Beach is home to one of the most beautiful, white sanded beaches in the world.

And if you tend to be the type of person who can’t just lay around and “bake,” then this beach is even better for you. There’s a walkway called Bluff Path that’s parallel to the Scenic Road above Carmel Beach that offers amazing ocean views.

And what if you want to bring your pup? You (and your pup) will be happy to know that they can roam free here!

Keep in mind, this beach may be great for a sunbathing or a nice walk, but no swimming — there’s no lifeguard present!

2. Carmel Mission

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You won’t be disappointed when you head to The San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo Mission. Founded in 1771, Carmel Mission is an active parish church and a National Historic Landmark.

Get ready for the catenary arches, the 30-foot tall gilded reredos behind the altar, and the beautiful Munrás Courtyard — perfect for an Instagram selfie.

3. Point Lobos

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The diverse wildlife and breathtaking ocean views make Point Lobos one of the top places to see in Monterey. There are hiking trails, tide pools, coastal wildflowers, and even a small beach for you to sit and relax.

The Sea Lion Point Trail is a fan-favorite. It leads hikers down a staircase, offering some of the best views of the areas sea lions. There are sea otters, too, if you head to the Cypress Trail.

Do you have any great scenic spots to go to? Comment on our blog below! And follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about the area and our quaint inn!

How To Pack For California Weather

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If you’ve never visited California before, it’s typical to assume your trip will be filled with sunshine. But, if you’re visiting Monterey County, we’re surrounded by beautiful beaches, and that can make it cooler at night.

monterey county ocean

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Get prepared by checking everything off our list below.

Bring Layers.

One thing everyone in California can agree on is that layers are a necessity here. You have to be prepared for any weather predicament, whether that’s rain on a summer morning or heat on a fall day.

Items to bring:

  • Lightweight jacket.
  • Comfy sweater or cardigan.
  • Flannel shirt.
  • Scarf.

Be Sun Protected

It gets hot here! Even on cloudy days where you think you have a break from the sun, you can end up with a tan. Dressing appropriately helps protect your skin, and so does sunscreen, so pack lots of it!

Items to bring:

  • Face and body sunscreen.
  • Sneakers.
  • Sandals.
  • Jeans.
  • Shorts.
  • Hats.
  • Sunglasses.

Extra Items

We are lucky enough to live by the water and the mountains, so depending on your planned excursions, you’ll need to pack accordingly. If you plan on hiking, don’t forget a backpack, hiking boots, and a rain jacket. If you plan on catching some waves most of the time, don’t forget a few swimsuits and a towel.

And of course, don’t forget your cell phone charger! Come visit this beautiful city in Monterey County and book your stay at Butterfly Grove Inn! We are located right on the beautiful California coast and are ready to make your stay at Pacific Grove a pleasant one! To make a reservation, give us a call at 831-250-8191.

Pet-Friendly Hotels In Monterey

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If you’re looking for pet-friendly places to vacation, traveling to Monterey County is the way to go!

dog in front of hotel in pacific grove california

What To Look For When Researching Pet-Friendly Hotels

Are they specifically labeled pet-friendly?

This sounds silly, but many places say they’re pet-friendly on certain platforms, but on their website, there’s no information on the matter.

To make things way less confusing, we have plenty of information on our website to help pet owners make the right decision. Check it out, here.

What are the fees for pets to stay at the hotel?

Each hotel has a specific rate when it comes to allowing pets. Some chain hotels even have different charges for different locations.

For Butterfly Grove Inn, we charge an additional $25 per night fee.

What do people say about the location?

Obviously, you want to book a trip somewhere that’s not only pet-friendly but also sparks your interest as well. We also suggest checking out the surrounding area to see if your pup can travel along with you on your excursions throughout the day (because what’s the point of having them tag along if they have to stay inside the entire time?).

Travel Tips With Your Pet

  • Breed matters. Some dogs travel better than others. For instance, many airlines won’t allow short-nosed breeds on board since they have such difficulties breathing. Make sure you check with the airline before you buy your ticket.
  • Label all belongings. This helps to differentiate between your suitcases and your puppy’s carrier. Make sure to write warnings and contact information in case you and your four-legged friend get separated.
  • Visit the vet. Many places require up-to-date vaccines in order to fly or stay at their location.

To learn more: How To Travel With Your Pet

Butterfly Grove Inn is a dog-and-cat-friendly hotel! To learn more about our policy, please feel free to check out our website or call us at (831) 250-8191.

Butterfly Grove Inn Spring 2018 Reviews

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Looking for an unbeatable getaway? Come stay at the Butterfly Grove Inn, located in a quaint town along the beautiful California coast. We serve Pacific Grove, Carmel, Monterey Bay, & all surrounding areas. We’re just minutes from all the areas attractions and plus, we’re dog-friendly (who wouldn’t want to travel with their pup?).

three owners outside butterfly grove inn

If you need some help making your decision, check out some of our recent customer reviews — we’ve highlighted some of our favorites.

Butterfly Grove Inn Spring 2018 Reviews

“Cozy place, huge rooms, clean and attractive. Just steps from the butterfly sanctuary. A 15-minute walk (3-minute drive) to the shops and restaurants of Pacific Grove’s main street, or to Lover’s Point and the gorgeous seashore there. A really great deal in the winter months, when there is less fog and fewer people. Staff is very helpful.” – Google review.

“We really loved staying here. The room was wonderful, vaulted ceiling, clean white linens, and a fireplace. The staff was very nice and helpful. The Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary was practically on the property. Would stay again.” – Google review.

“I stayed with my parents from Jan 29 to Feb 2 in room 27. We love this place! It was our first stay and the rooms were huge and clean. The king-sized bed was amazing each night. The amenities are great and we are more than impressed. Plus if you stay in the winter like we did you can go next door to the Monarch butterfly reserve. Great trip and we will definitely be staying again!! Thank you!” – Google review.

“Location was great, very homey feel, down to earth, staff was great! About 6 blocks up from beach was a great hike/walk around the neighborhood to get there loved it…really great value for the money…pool and hot tub, grass area very lovely!” – review

Experience the Butterfly Grove Inn for yourself! We’ve got it all — cozy rooms, unbeatable location, and a warm and friendly staff. To make a reservation, give us a call at 831-250-8191. Find us on Facebook and Twitter for everything from travel tips to current events in Pacific Grove, California!

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