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4 Things No One Tells You About Traveling With Your Dog

Posted on: September 15th, 2017 by Brian McLaughlin No Comments

Most people will tell you that you can’t own a puppy if you travel a lot. But we disagree! While traveling with your four-legged friend can definitely be stressful, it’s not impossible. Just follow a few of our doggy traveling tips and you’ll end up arriving at your destination relaxed and happy.

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 1. The first time is always hard.

Traveling with a pet for the first time is stressful, and that’s to be expected. As long as it wasn’t a complete fiasco, it’s not a bad idea to try it again. Make it a short trip next time, and stop somewhere fun, like a dog park!

 2. Traveling with a puppy can be a double-edged sword.

Yes, traveling with a pet can be tough, but traveling without one can be just as hard. Think separation anxiety, housebreaking issues, and lots of chewing! So despite the concerns, traveling with a pup can be fun, and it’s always recommended to socialize your pup, so why not start by traveling?

 3. Not every pet is comfortable in confined areas.

“Under the seat in front of you” can end up being a very small space on certain airlines. Find out your dog’s height and weight and be careful when booking your air-travel.

 4. Bring an extra amount of treats — per day.

Dogs are a lot like children — they need constant attention. And the best way to keep them out of trouble is to help them stay busy. Bring chewies or toys that entertain them and also don’t upset their stomach.

Another thing to keep in mind: dog-friendly hotels. Some don’t allow dogs at all, but Butterfly Grove Inn is more than happy to have your travel companion stay with us (for a small fee per night)! If you have any questions regarding our dog-friendly policy, please feel free to call us at (831) 250-8191. Near downtown and a fun nightlife, this is the Pacific Grove motel you’ve been looking for to have a spectacular getaway!

What To Do If It Rains On Your Vacation

Posted on: September 7th, 2017 by Brian McLaughlin No Comments

Finally. You’ve been counting down the days to the trip you’ve been saving up for all year. But, when your destination shows cloudy with a chance of meatballs — I mean, rain — your plans have to quickly change. Here’s how you can salvage your rained-out vacation:

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1. Appreciate the rain.

It may not be as sunny as you had hoped or planned for, but there’s still plenty of beauty in rainy weather. The damp forecast can make for a perfect afternoon filled with museums, art galleries, and even bar-hopping.

2. Ask a local.

This isn’t the first time it rained where you are. Take this opportunity to ditch your original plans and hop around the area through the eyes of a local. Who knows, you might end up gaining experiences, and friends, you may not have otherwise.

3. Go to a spa.

Rain or shine, this outing is perfect for any vacation. But since the weather is lousy, why not make a full day out of it? If possible, book a massage at an outdoor cabana so you can relax to the sounds of the rain.

4. Chase the sun.

Chances are, the sun isn’t too far away from where you’re spending the day. Look online and start heading to the closest area where the sun is shining! Mini, unexpected road trips can be some of the best ones.

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