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5 Things to Do On Cannery Row

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This charming spot in the Monterey Bay area is everything you need to enjoy a beautiful weekend in sunny California. From luxurious waterfronts to restaurants, shopping, and more, here are our top 5 favorite things to do on Cannery Row:

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Wine Tasting
Cannery Row is famous for its man wine tasting experiences. Monterey County boasts over 39,000 acres of wine grapes, almost half of which are devoted to its award-winning Chardonnay grape. In this spot, you can taste many of your favorite California wines with friends and beautiful scenery.

Marine Adventures
Calling all nature lovers: catch the wildlife on Cannery Row! You’ll spot sea otters, sea turtles, and tropical fish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and get up close and personal when you paddle out on the Monterey Bay. Either way, this is a not-to-miss spot for animal lovers.

Cannery Row is home to more than 25 different  restaurants, all offering small bites to satisfy your favorite cuisine cravings. Check out places such as  The Fish Hopper, Monterey Wine Market & Bistro, and Cooper’s Pub and Restaurant.

Family Activities
You might think Cannery Row is merely for sophisticated things such as wining and dining, but it is that and so much more! If you’re visiting with the family, check out the lazer challenge, movie theater, and live music events they other!

Special Events
Cannery Row hosts a wide variety of events from the summer all the way to the holiday season. Be sure to keep your eye on the events calendar before planning your vacation.

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Say ‘I DO’ In California

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You’ve seen destination weddings at some of the most tropical locations and extravagant venues. But with time and money against you, you might be considering an alternate plan for your big day. Our recommendation? The Golden State. California is home to breathtaking sights and delicious foods – making it the perfect location to say “I do”. There are also a few other reasons we’re stuck on this idea:

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Sunny days
The weather in California is anything but spectacular, which makes it the perfect place to exchange your vows. With mild temperature and low precipitation rates, the Golden State is top on our list!

It’s not a cliche
Wedding capitals of the world include Las Vegas and Hawaii, but California isn’t one of them. Despite how miraculous of a place it is, it still remains a quiet place for many couples to enjoy their big day. Southern and Northern California both have their perks and offer plenty of reasons to say “I do”.

Budget friendly
Many might think you need a thick wallet to get married in California, but the truth is there are a variety of ways you can keep it budget friendly. The beauty of having a wedding in California is that you can skip the added expenses of a wedding venue and have it outdoors in the beautiful west coast weather. The sights are incredible and you can choose whether you prefer a larger or more intimate setting.

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Best Hikes near Monterey CA

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The west coast is known for some of the most breathtaking sights and spots for hiking. If you’re visiting the Monterey area this fall, there are plenty to explore:

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Andrew Molera State Park

With 20 miles of trails over grasslands and redwood forests, this state park offers plenty of options for all hiking levels. For beginners, state park officials recommend the Beach and Creamery Row rails, a two-mile loop. Intermediate hikers can give this strenuous 8.8-mile loop trail that includes Bluff, Panoramic, Ridge, and Creamery Row trails. They all connect in a counterclockwise motion that gives you about a 1,100 foot elevation gain.

Pinnacles National Park
A simple one-hour drive from the Monterey Bay area lies a new national park with unique rock formations and caves you won’t experience anywhere else. There are several trails in Pinnacles, including a 2-5 hour hike, over 6 miles long for the ambitious. Expect a steep and strenuous scramble that is well worth the challenge.

Point Lobos State Natural Reserve
If your idea of a good hike includes both mountains and beautiful coastline views, then Point Lobos is a must-do. Hikers start at Whalers Cove and ascent to the top where you can overlook the Carmel coastline and Pebble Beach. The trail continues 1.4 miles to Sea Lion Point where you can see large sea creatures in the water. Continue along the South Shore and Bird Island trails for more miraculous blue ocean views.

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11 Facts You Didn’t Know About Monarch Butterflies

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Monarch butterflies are one of the most beautiful and symbolic insects on Earth, and we’re lucky to see them here often in the Monterey area. These fascinating creatures are smart and can fly high. But just how high can they fly? We’ll tell you that and more:

11 Facts You Didn’t Know About Monarch Butterflies

Monterey County CA | Pacific Grove Hotel1. The Monarch Butterfly is a widespread tropical insect that ranges as far north as Canada.

2. Monarchs east of the Rocky Mountains spend the winters in high mountains in central Mexico.

3. Many can fly as high as 10,000 feet high

4. A female Monarch may lay hundreds of eggs. She deposits her eggs on the underside of milkweed leaves, where they hatch in typically 4-5 days.

5. In late summer and early fall, a special generation of Monarchs is born – they live up to eight months.

6. A monarch’s brilliant coloring tells predators that it will taste bad or may be toxic.

7. The entire egg-to-butterfly process, called metamorphosis, takes about a month.

8. Monarchs can produce four generations during one summer. The first three generations will have life spans from 2-6 weeks.

9. A monarch butterfly can flap its wings up to 120 times in a minute when trying to escape a predator.

10. Monarchs can travel up to 8,000 km per year.

11. Monarch butterflies are one of the few insects capable of making trans-Atlantic crossings.

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