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#TravelThursday: Roadtrip Packing Checklist

Posted on: May 19th, 2016 by Brian McLaughlin No Comments

Planning a summer roadtrip? Hopping in the car and setting off on a long journey is exciting but is 100 times better if you have the right equipment. That being said, here are five essential items to add to your packing checklist:

roadtrip packing checkllist

Digital Camera
A roadtrip wouldn’t be the same without having an awesome camera on hand. Many are partial to a GoPro, to capture high quality video and photos with a built-in wide lens. But even if it means just bringing your iPhone, be sure your camera can snap great photos for memories.

First Aid Kit
You’ll want to be prepared in case of an emergency. By carrying the basic necessities, you’ll be ready to tackle any injuries or illnesses that come your way. Consider packing the following items in your DIY first aid kit:
-Antiseptic wipes
-Assorted bandages
-Gauze pads
-Blister and insect ointment
-Safety pins
-Sun protection

A Cooler
Save money on food by bringing a cooler along for the ride. Pack it with ice whenever you leave a hotel and store food in there when you want to keep it cold. We guarantee, it’ll save you a whole lot of money on buying drinks and snacks on the road.

Sleeping Bags
In the event that you wind up in a desolated area along your journey or every motel in the area is booked up, a sleeping bag can come in handy. Sleeping bags provide an inexpensive and lightweight solution for sleeping no matter where you wind up along the road.

Pen & Journal
No great roadtrip would be complete without jotting down the little moments. What song were you listening to on the radio? Where did you meet someone from the same town? Which was your favorite location? Did you find a good place to eat? Reading back on these memories afterwards makes for a great story to tell and a reminder that you might want to return in the future.

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The Coziest Places to Stay in California

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California is one of the largest states, but can you locate the most peaceful cities? If large crowds doesn’t describe your ideal vacation, then these four places will likely spark your interest:

California Vacation in Pacific Grove

Lake Tahoe
Whether you’re visiting for the winter or summer, Lake Tahoe has plenty to offer around a freshwater lake. Stay in a cozy cabin, rent a canoe, watch the sunset – the peace and serenity at Lake Tahoe will make you happy you came.

Visiting Yosemite is like any other National Park in the country. Whether you’re looking at waterfalls, climbing glaciers, or hiking to the top of Half Dome, the tranquility of these sights will leave you feeling like you’re one with nature. Plus, did we mention cozy campsites?

If you’re visiting the San Francisco Bay Area, be sure to stop at Sausalito. From breathtaking views of the bay to the quaint down within Sausalito, there’s nothing like getting away from the hectic city area and relaxing for a weekend.

Pacific Grove
Escape the beach crowds of Southern California. Just 2 miles west of beautiful Monterey is the city of Pacific Grove. This area is known for its tranquil waterfront views and fresh, clean California air. And when you visit between October and March, you’ll be amazed by the thousands of monarch butterflies that get drawn to the secret getaway city.

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How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

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Butterflies are one of the most unique and beautiful insects. From monarchs to hummers, butterflies bring serenity to gardens and happiness to our lives. Ever see them fly by and wonder how you can encourage them to stay? Attracting butterflies to your garden is all about considering what it is they need. Here are a few necessities these insects need to survive to help you coordinate your garden accordingly:

butterfly garden

Plant native flowers – Planting the right types of flowers is important. Butterflies and native blooms have co-evolved over the years and now depend on each other for survival – these native plants provide butterflies with the nectar they need to grow, so all the more reason to plant some in your garden! These plants vary based on your geographical location

Choose vibrant colors – When it comes to growing a garden, choose bright colors like red, yellow, orange, pink, and purple. Be sure they’re flat-topped or clustered and have short flower tubes to attract adult butterflies.

Avoid insecticides – Say no to insecticides, like Sevin and diazinon – any substances that can harm insects. Even the most “benign” insecticides can be dangerous to caterpillars.

Provide a resting place – Create a space where butterflies can rest. By placing flat stones in your garden, you give butterflies a warm spot to catch some sunlight, which helps to prep their wings for flight. Butterflies also need a place for drinking water, so adding coarse sand in a shallow pan can also attract these beauties.

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Secrets to Booking a Cheap Flight

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Knowing where to travel is easy – planning is the tricky part. And when it comes to booking flights, well let’s just say finding the biggest bang isn’t always easy. Luckily, we’ve got a few secrets that might help you with your future reservation:

Make a Connection
Connecting flights is the new secret everyone’s trying out. Connect through a city that spontaneously has sales to save you more cash rather than flying directly. You can even make something a little extra special out of your trip by scheduling a long layover – that should give you time to explore your stop-over.

Be Flexible
Let’s say you’re going away on holiday – you know prices can get pretty steep around peak times, so remember to be flexible with your schedule. Try adding a couple of days to your trip either before or after.

Compare and Contrast
It’s easy to get into the habit of searching for flights on one site. But if you reply on only one site to give you the lowest cost, you might be missing out. Instead, search multiple sites like Expedia, Orbits, as well as Kayak before choosing the best selection.

Rack Up Rewards
Sign up for rewards with an airline if you travel often. You’ll be given deals the more miles you travel plus possible upgrades as well!

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