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The Ultimate California Bucket List

Posted on: April 22nd, 2016 by Brian McLaughlin No Comments

The Golden State offers everything we could ask for: mountains, beaches, breathtaking views. It’s where we dream of going when we want to escape reality for a little while and embark on an adventure. If you’re California dreamin’, here are a few west coast goals to knock off your budget list:

Go for a Hike
There’s no better way to celebrate nature than to hike it. From Monterey to Carmel, and Big Sur, there are so many hikes (for even the most novice adventurer) that will have you break a sweat but will also leave you feeling accomplished.

Camp Out
If you decide to take full day hiking, you’ll want to camp out – at least just once. California has one of the most pleasant climates in the U.S. and some of the best spots to pitch your tent. Northern California is famous for Yosemite National Park, and the Southern half gives you plenty of options along Big Sur that are open to the stars and the sea.

Take a Road Trip
What california is known for – the Pacific Coast Highway. Driving up the west coast is unlike any other road trip we can imagine. On one side you’ll zip past breathtaking views of mountains and on the other side, you’ll stop to explore the many beautiful beaches in the state.

While you’re on your journey, don’t forget to stop by Monterey, Carmel, and Pacific Grove. The shoreline is right at your fingertips and so are the rocks and sea. Book your stay with Butterfly Grove Inn! Our motel is located right along the beautiful California coast in Pacific Grove and is the perfect sweet spot to stop along your journey! To make a reservation, give us a call at 831-250-8191.

Packing Hacks from the Pros

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Vacations are relaxing – it’s packing that makes us pull hairs! If you’re guilty of overpacking, you’re not alone. The last thing we want is to forget something we might need, so why not bring it all, right? If you’re not willing to sacrifice your belongings for a little extra space, don’t sweat it – we’ve got your vacation packing secrets here:

Packing hacks for vacation
1. Use your shoes – That’s right! Your shoes are the perfect place to hold all those little items that don’t quite fit in your toiletry bag. Or the more obvious trick: stuff your socks in there (it’s a perfect match).

2. Roll it up – Rolling your clothes can save you so much space compared to folding. Plus, it’s  less likely to leave you with large creases in your shirts. Roll up your clothes as tightly as you can and pack them nice and snug. Tell us how it goes for you!

3. Wrap your belts – Men, this is for you – wrap your belts around the collars of your shirts to save space keep your collar stiff and in good shape. Another option is to lay your belts around the perimeter of your suitcase.

4. Leave big bottles home – Moisturizer, makeup remover, hair gel – you name it. If it’s a weekend trip, save yourself the spare room by pouring a little of each liquid inside contact cases instead of bringing big bottles onboard.

5. Wear bulky items – Hats, jeans, boots – for whichever of your clothes take up the most space, wear them on the plane or in the car if you can get away with it. You won’t risk going over the weight limit (if checking a bag) or injuring yourself in the process of transporting your bag from one place to the other.

We know it might sound a bit overwhelming, but if you can adopt at least one of the professional hacks, we guarantee you’ll feel the weight lifted off you shoulders!

If you’re planning your next getaway, why not choose Butterfly Grove Inn? We are nestled in a quaint town along the beautiful California coast and are ready to make your stay along the Pacific as enjoyable as possible. To make a reservation, give us a call at 831-250-8191.

3 Fun Cities That Surround Butterfly Grove Inn

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You’re feeling the itch to visit California, but you can’t settle on just one place. The pacific coast is your perfect solution! At Butterfly Grove Inn, we are conveniently located close to several beautiful cities, so you can drive up and down the coast, yet sleep in one of the most tranquil hotel in the area. Here are three cities you must visit when you stay at Butterfly Grove Inn:

Santa Cruz Beach

Pacific Grove
Butterfly Grove Inn is nestled in the beautiful city of Pacific Grove. Upon your stay, take a day to visit the amazing Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, tour the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, or bike the trails along the pacific coast.

Travel just a few miles south for even more outdoor fun! The city of Monterey is home to some of the most magnificent beaches in California and is a great spot for kayaking, camping, and surfing. At night, wine and dine downtown or take a ghost tour of the area.

Santa Cruz
Drive up the pacific coast for some more breathtaking views in the city of Santa Cruz. From live music events to the famous Santa Cruz beach boardwalk, there’s plenty of entertainment to fill up an exciting Saturday!

We are also minutes to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Cannery Row, Fisherman’s Wharf, Pebble Beach, the Big Sur coastline, as well as other famous California beaches. Butterfly Grove Inn is close to everything that should make your vacation relaxing and fun! To make a reservation at our Pacific Grove hotel, which is conveniently located near these cities and more, give us a call at 831-250-8191.

What to Do If Your Luggage is Lost

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You arrive in paradise. It’s early afternoon, the air is warm, and you’re ready to lounge on the beach. There’s just one thing missing: your luggage.

Losing your personal belongings can leave you feeling empty handed (pun intended), especially when you’re thousands of miles away from home. So the question is: who is responsible and what can you do about it?

suitcase ready for travel at an airport with planes background

Find out if it’s delayed
First things first. Make sure your luggage isn’t delayed and report it. But try not to panic – airlines usually have ways to track your luggage and find out what happened, whether it missed the flight or something else went wrong. Chances are you’ll have it in a few hours or the next day. However, if your bags are lost…

File a claim
If the airline loses your luggage, get a written claim and fill out a “missing luggage” form. Airlines can pay for lost bags and refund the fee you paid for checked baggage. Airlines typically have a list of items they are not responsible for, such as jewelry, money, and other valuables. So if you’re planning a trip, keep in mind you might want to take these in your carry-on.

If you think you’re entitled to get back more than fifty dollars they are offering you, get ready to speak up. Airlines can no longer make up ambiguous numbers for your refund, and if they begin to be unreasonable, consider filing a complaint with the DOT.

Contact credit card and insurance companies
If you happened to pack credit cards or other insurance papers in your bag, contact these companies and let them know that they’ve gone missing. For example, your credit card company should know that you are not responsible for unauthorized card transactions.

Be patient
Last step is to have patience. It can take an airline anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks to locate your missing bag and either return it to you or reimburse you.

Once the hustle and bustle of flying to your destination is over, it’s’ time to relax and treat yourself right! At the Butterfly Grove Inn, we’ll help you make your getaway one of the most memorable vacations yet. To make a reservation, give us a call at 831-250-8191.

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