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The Ultimate 2017 Travel Bucket List

Posted on: December 27th, 2016 by Brian McLaughlin No Comments

With the new year around the corner, it’s common to get excited about new adventures ahead. In 2017, step outside of your comfort zone and travel to a new destination. Technology may make you feel like the world is small, but there are always new places to discover. Take a peek into our top 5 places to travel in 2017, including Pacific Grove, CA – of course!

Pacific Grove, California

Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii’s capital is not just a gateway to Hawaii’s island chain; its Waikiki neighborhood is the center for dining, nightlife, and shopping. Something new to the island? Honolulu will host its first Biennial in 2017, which is a contemporary visual arts festival. The tides are changing in Honolulu, and you should go check it out!


Cincinnati, Ohio

Since its settlement by German immigrants in the 19th century, Cincinnati has transformed itself into a beautiful place to visit and live. Shop around downtown and breathe in American history while hopping from store to store. This city also boasts a thriving arts scene, major league sports teams, a world-class zoo, and more!


Jackson Hole, Wyoming

There is plenty to do in this western U.S. state. Enjoy activities from hiking the backcountry of Grand Teton to exploring Yellowstone national park. You can also go rafting, skiing, and fly-fishing. Also something to keep in mind – there will be a total solar eclipse on August 21, the first in 40 years to be visible in the U.S. For prime viewing? Head to Jackson Hole, Wyoming!


Nashville, Tennessee

It’s a big year down south in The United States. The iconic Ryman Auditorium celebrates its 125th anniversary, the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum celebrates 50 years, and the Bluebird Café turns 35 – expect big parties in town! Also enjoy the city’s expanding restaurant scene, with new and upcoming eateries sure to please any palate.


Pacific Grove, California

Pacific Grove, California has a classic American feel. There is the oldest operating lighthouse in the country and a classic 1932 golf course that contributes to its old-fashioned charm. There are beaches for you to kayak or surf and if you’re fortunate enough, you may just be able to catch the annual migration of thousands of monarch butterflies whose residence presides right in Pacific Grove. Want to know where the locals go? Check out our top secret spots.
If you’re visiting California in the new year, be sure to make reservation at our Butterfly Grove Inn, which is conveniently nestled adjacent to the Pacific Grove Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, give us a call at 831-250-8191.

6 Things You Need to Pack for Your Winter Vacation to California

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The most overwhelming part of vacation? Packing. With so many different things to do and see in California, your packing list can seem a bit intimidating. Whether you’re staying at a hotel or a cabin in the mountains, or whether you’re going to Disneyland or a day hike in the forest, this sample packing list will hopefully cover every trip you make to the fun, sunny state of California.


Pack sunscreen with a high SPF and any other sun gear – hat, sunglasses, etc. Sun protection is necessary in California throughout the whole year.

Light jacket

Check the weather and consider the region of California you’re traveling to. Los Angeles can see sunny, mild weather in the mid 70’s, while San Francisco can see temperatures in the 40s and 50s. It is wise to pack a light jacket regardless of when or where you are traveling.


While the camera on your iPhone or Android will do just fine, consider investing in a Gopro to bring on your trip to California. You can’t beat the amazing videos and pictures it can capture of you hiking, paddle boarding, or surfing. Don’t forget about to take one of our beautiful sunsets.

Walking shoes

Plan your shoes according to your activities. Is hiking, mountain biking, or any other physical activity part of your trip? Pack a pair of sturdy hiking or running shoes to protect your feet.


With so much to see, who wants to stop to make pit stops along the way? Carry a backpack and hold everything you may need for the day with you – sunscreen, bandaids, a protein bar, and more.

A plan
It is beneficial to set up a plan during your vacation. Keep your days and nights organized with a set calendar. If you find yourself off route, go with the flow and see where it leads you. At every turn there is something fun to explore in California.

While planning, don’t forget a hotel reservation! Looking for a quaint getaway? Let Butterfly Grove Inn pamper you! We are in the heart of it all – from Cannery Row to the Pacific Grove Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. Give us a call at 831-250-8191 to reserve your room today.

How To Get the Cheapest Last Minute Flight

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Planning a last minute holiday getaway? Holiday travel can add up quick and rates can change in the blink of an eye. Luckily, there are a few hacks to get a flight at the best rate:

pacific grove hotel ca
Fly off peak – What we mean is the cheapest days of the week. People often fly on Saturday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Try flying out on alternate days.

Go early – Early bird catches the worm, right? Go for a flight that is either first one out or the last. They tend to have more available seats and less expensive rates. Red-eyes for example can save time and money to get you to your destination.

Use miles – Consider trading in your miles for a moderate airfare expense. One thing to be careful of is the latest reservation fees, where some airlines charge extra for travel that is booked less than three weeks out.

Bid – Take advantage of bids. When airlines have unsold seats they will bit on sites such as Hotwire to sell the remaining seats at a discounted price.

Take a longer vacation – If you originally planned to fly out for a quick weekend, think about changing that to a week trip instead.

Thinking about vacationing this holiday season but aren’t sure where to go? Pacific Grove, California is home to breathtaking views, gorgeous weather, and unique attractions such as the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. Butterfly Grove Inn is located in the heart of it all – give us a call at 831-250-8191 to reserve your room today.

#FloatingInForTheHolidays: Top 3 Destinations for Your Holiday Vacation

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The holidays are a peak time for travel. Many families fly home to visit friends and family, while others see it as an opportunity for a family getaway to explore new sights. From the U.S. to Europe, here are three top destinations you must visit for the holidays:

pacific grove hotel
New York City
From the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree to Time Square on New Year’s Eve, there are endless events and sights to see in New York City. See the Empire State Building change colors and ice skate in Bryant Park – there isn’t anything you can’t see or do in this amazing city.

Did you know that a Christmas Carol was inspired by this beautiful city in Europe? From snowfalls to ice skating rinks, and festivals, London is iconic around this time of year. This city offers amazing architecture and stunning lights, tons of last-minute shopping and Santa. To view all the events you can see and do during the holidays, click here.

New York and London might be famous for their snowy winters, but California is anything but that. From warm weather to sandy beaches, California is one of the more pleasant places to be this time of year. From hiking to shopping to swimming and everything in between, there’s everything to love about California in December.

If you’re thinking about taking a vacation to California for the holidays, consider checking out Monterey County and Pacific Grove. Every year around this time, many monarch butterflies migrate to the Monarch Grove Butterfly Sanctuary – it’s a magnificent sight you won’t want to miss.

Looking for a quaint getaway close by, let Butterfly Grove Inn pamper you! We are in the heart of it all – from Cannery Row to the Pacific Grove Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary.  Give us a call at 831-250-8191 to reserve your room today.

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