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Monarch butterflies are one of the most beautiful and symbolic insects on Earth, and we’re lucky to see them here often in the Monterey area. These fascinating creatures are smart and can fly high. But just how high can they fly? We’ll tell you that and more:

11 Facts You Didn’t Know About Monarch Butterflies

Monterey County CA | Pacific Grove Hotel1. The Monarch Butterfly is a widespread tropical insect that ranges as far north as Canada.

2. Monarchs east of the Rocky Mountains spend the winters in high mountains in central Mexico.

3. Many can fly as high as 10,000 feet high

4. A female Monarch may lay hundreds of eggs. She deposits her eggs on the underside of milkweed leaves, where they hatch in typically 4-5 days.

5. In late summer and early fall, a special generation of Monarchs is born – they live up to eight months.

6. A monarch’s brilliant coloring tells predators that it will taste bad or may be toxic.

7. The entire egg-to-butterfly process, called metamorphosis, takes about a month.

8. Monarchs can produce four generations during one summer. The first three generations will have life spans from 2-6 weeks.

9. A monarch butterfly can flap its wings up to 120 times in a minute when trying to escape a predator.

10. Monarchs can travel up to 8,000 km per year.

11. Monarch butterflies are one of the few insects capable of making trans-Atlantic crossings.

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