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Settled in the heart of the Pacific Grove Forest are hundreds of Monarch Butterflies who migrate every year around this time. Without giving away too much, we wanted to tell you why this migration is so special.

monarch butterfly sanctuary
1. Monarch butterflies have been migrating to the area for hundreds of years.

2. When temperatures drop below 55, the butterflies don’t fly. When It’s below 40, they are merely paralyzed.

3. Monarch butterflies cluster on Monterey Pine, Monterey Cypress and Eucalyptus.

4. The increasing numbers of australian eucalyptus trees in the area has affected traditional overwintering patterns by providing butterflies with a convenient nectar source.

5. The trees also provide the microclimate they need – light, shade, humidity, temperature, and protection from wind.

6. When temperature is below 55, they don’t fly. When It’s below 40, they are paralyzed.

7. In November 1990, citizens of Pacific Grove voted to authorize the city to buy this grove as a permanent butterfly sanctuary. Local taxes support the purchase, restoration, and maintenance of this 2.4 acre city park.

8. Monarch season typically runs between November through February. However, overwintering population tends to peak around late November, early December.

9. The annual Monarch butterfly migration is endangered. Eastern population is being severely impacted by deforestation in its Mexican overwintering grounds, while the western monarchs are being squeezed by the constant pressures of development.

It’s that time of year again! If you’re visiting the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary this season, make a reservation at our Butterfly Grove Inn, which is conveniently nestled adjacent to the Pacific Grove Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, give us a call at 831-250-8191.

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